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About Me

Hi! My name is Zak Wegweiser and I am a software engineer. I love working on projects that can help shape others through technology. I work on designing apps and software to help people any way I can. From education to entertainment, my goal is to make everybody the best version of themselves!
When I was in High School I founded a company called Appitt, where I would assist local companies by making custom apps and software. This not only helped me teach myself how to code, but I grew passionate about programming and how I can use technology to help others. When I first started Appitt my goal was to help anybody, company or individual, teenager or adult, man or woman, get an on the app store. Today, I have expanded my goal to continue to be the best engineer as I can, so I can help as many people as I can through technology!

Education & Leadership

Brown University

Class of 2021

  • TA for three Computer Science courses.
  • Microsoft MSFT3C Coding Competition Finalist
  • Hartshorn-Hypatia Freshman Math Prizewinner

Stanford University Online, Top 10%


  • Accepted into accelerated program for advanced math students for two semesters

Calhoun School

Valedictorian of 2017

  • Peer Leader - mentored a group of rising freshman
  • Science Olympiad Team Founder
  • Four-year Varsity Basketball Team Counder
  • President of the Chess Club


Apple LogoApple tvOS

Software Engineering Intern

Interned as a software engineer on the Apple tvOS team for three years! Not only was this one of the best learning experiences of my life, but I was able to make a real impact by prototyping future projects and shipping my own code! I also won the Apple iContest, a competitive event among interns seeing who can present the best idea for Apple's future!

Hack@Brown 2019

First Place (Overall & Facebook)

For Hack@Brown 2019, my team of four developed Babel Fish, a video chat web app that translates speech in real-time for everyone else in the call, breaking down language barriers globally! We won first place and were invited to compete at Facebook’s Global Hackathon Finals with only 20 other teams for the second year in a row! (Project progress on Github)

Yale Hackathon 2017

First Place (Overall & Facebook)

For YHack 2017, my team of four developed Sight, an app that helps visually impaired people monitor their surroundings with face and voice recognition and Facebook’s SDKs. Won first place and invited to Facebook Global Hackathon Finals. (Project progress on Github)

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference

WWDC 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Selected along with 350 other students across the nation to attend Apple’s annual Developers Conference hosted by Tim Cook. I was hosted in CA, surrounded by the best and brightest programmers, and was one of ten chosen to meet and greet Michelle Obama!

Calhoun School

Teacher & Developer

Enlisted as a faculty member to develop and teach a Web Programming class for 9th-12th graders. Transformed our school’s pen and paper scheduling system to online software. I was then hired as the Head Scheduler, arranging all 250 students’ schedules.

HCIncHorticultural Creations (HCInc)

Software Developer Intern

Developed an app to route weekly truck deliveries and monitor daily progress. Also, worked as an IT consultant, addressing all technical issues.

Appitt LLC

Software Engineering Startup

Founded startup in high school and worked with various local schools and businesses to develop mobile and web applications as well as back-end software.


Coding Skills








More Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office


Sketch Design


Server Management


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