Zak Wegweiser
Scheduling System



As a student, not only do I empathize with the needs of my fellow peers, but I experience those needs every day. I know how it feels when you don't get into your first choice class or when your classroom has to move because of faulty scheduling. Sharing these feelings allows me to grasp a deeper understanding of the problem, which enables me to be a more effective problem-solver.


I am proudest of the projects where I applied my problem-solving abilities to directly improve the structures, operations, and quality of life of my school community. When my school lost our scheduler we experienced a great deal of dissonance, including lost data, wrong class registrations, double-booked teachers, and improper space assignments. In this turbulence, I made it my mission to remedy these issues.


I presented a plan to the principal to transform our school’s long-standing pen and paper scheduling process to an online system. Two weeks later, my plan was approved and I was on my way to transforming the school.


Working with PHP and MySQL, I designed a new, dynamic, user-friendly platform. Student choice drives our five-term rolling block schedule, so I designed the platform to adapt to students’ current schedules and grades, outputting all sign-up opportunities. It then takes the students’ input and articulates it seamlessly to the commercial scheduling software. I am currently training faculty, students, and the registrar in the new system’s use.


The scheduling system is one of the best projects I have ever seen a student create. I am quite impressed with everything Zak has done for Calhoun!

Lorenzo Krakowsky - Head of School